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add support for custom url for field reference #356

facascante 2016-08-15T10:08:36Z - 3 comments
facascante commented 2016-08-15T10:08:36Z
FilipNest commented 2 years ago

Could you explain what this does and what it's used for? Looks interesting but don't quite get it.

adam-clarey commented 2 years ago

I had a ticket that has been slightly mis-interpreted. What this is currently doing is extending the entity reference so that instead of it being purely referencing entities, it allows you to set a custom url to return a list of items to use in the auto complete.

Having a generic autocomplete would be useful but i don't think it should be used in the context of entity references as that is a specific use-case.

This needs re-assessing before/if it gets merged.

FilipNest commented 2 years ago

A generic autocomplete field with various widgets for selecting the text that goes in it would be great. We already have a tags field type so could expand or branch off that. I'd recommend creating a widget that allows for either a manually listed item list or a url with a few other options where needed.