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Finish irisjsMessenger module #284

adam-clarey 2016-06-09T10:58:23Z - 3 comments
adam-clarey commented 2016-06-09T10:58:23Z

There are 2 modules that have been started but need finishing for this:

irisjsAngularJS -
irisjsMessenger -

After installing both modules, you can add the iris-messenger-chat-window block to a region as normal.

(note you will need multiple users to test this)
This block should appear on the page in the region specified.

Clicking on the 'Search' tab should allow you to select another user.
You can then submit a message to that user, but that message will not appear in the chat window because the socket did not to return. If you refresh the page then view that chat window you will see the message that was originally sent.

The basic mechanics seem to work, but the sockets don't

FilipNest commented 2 years ago

Could we move contrib module issues out of this queue so that it's only for core Iris stuff?

adam-clarey commented 2 years ago

It was only here because the bugs were entirely in core. These modules were just being used to highlight and find the bug

FilipNest commented 2 years ago

Sure. That's fine.