A comprehensive CMS-framework built on nodeJS and Handlebars

Install via npm

About Iris

Drawing on our experience across multiple platforms, frameworks and CMS's we picked out the best technologies, patterns and approaches to create a single system with the benefits of those systems without their weaknesses.

This is currently being extended to become a revolutionary mobile application framework, allowing you to use a single framework for all web and mobile applications! This will cut development times/costs dramatically by unifying all development systems. 


Made For Version Control

Built with version control in mind, instead of storing blocks, regions, configuration etc in the database, configurations are stored in easily exportable/importable JSON files


Simply create a schema using the specifications of the JSON Form library, latch onto the Iris form render hook and it'll render and appear. There’s submit, validation and redirect hooks built in.


Handlebars templates are built in on the server side but you can use any front-end framework you want while using our own embed helpers for things like forms, blocks, menus, regions and entity loading.

Blocks & Regions

Blocks are pieces of content that renders on a page. They can be placed in an theme's regions (header, sidebar...) We've put in two such modules to get you started.

Entity & Field Management

Entities are pieces of content stored in the database. Make entity types, manage access control, add fields, edit and delete them all through the user interface.

Hook Based System

Really like a feature but don't want to hack away at the module code? Iris is built on a hooks system so this sort of thing’s really easy.


Fully modular, most of the functionality is made up of core Iris modules (we've put in a few inessential extra ones for you as well).

Permissions and Roles

Built in session management and authentication system that shows users only what you want them to see

Admin Interface

Almost everything in Iris aside from making your own modules and themes can be done in its own admin interface.